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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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randy: good morning, i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer. following breaking news on the eyeopener right now -- violent protests in milwaukee after the shooting death of a black man by police. the new details in overnight. randy: funeral plans today for the jogger murdered in princeton. how loved ones are honoring her emily: a major project underway right now on the south shore. the impact it will have on thousands of drivers. randy: good morning, cindy. tell us the hot weather is gone. emily: please. cindy: well, god might be a strong word. it will be slightly better today. skies are clear and it will be
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about the 70's with had lately. slightly less humid air is filtering in. there are 60 showing up, skies this morning clear to partly cloudy. today will be mostly sunny today. behind it, just a bit less humid. we will have a good amount sunshine today. we are storm free today. we are around 80 degrees by 10:00 a.m. and holding in the 80's in boston this afternoon, upper 80's on the cape. some spots could touch 90 degrees but not well into the 90's. a little bit more comfortable out there today. now, the want to get you out of the roads.
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news, a serious crash and 95 southbound in the danvers line. the how it is closed at this point at least one person is seriously hurt. we'll bring you more as we get it. keep in mind that closure is still out there with his right on the danvers line. at this point they're diverting traffic off. if you're traveling south expect that road to be closed right near exit 51. keep that in mind it will keep you posted on any changes. we is ov 128 over by the pike so far that looked good. trained in buses are on schedule. randy: right now a major project is underway that will have a big impact on commuters. this is video in overnight. it is a long awaited milestone especially for tens of thousands of commuters. emily: the eyeopener's doug meehan is live in weymouth where
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doug: at the center of this a structure that weighs almost three million pounds and is longer than the football field. it's the new lift span for the fore river bridge a familiar structure for anyone who drives between quincy and weymouth. overnight, crews started the process of floating that giant piece of bridge through the channel so it can be installed today. drivers have been using a temporary bridge for years. once this project is done the span will be able to be raised and lowered so large ships can pass underneath. that's still a ways away. the $244 million project started in 2012 and completion has been delayed until 2018. there is still some confusion going on with that date right now. still this is a big milestone and a tricky one involving massdot and the coast guard. today's process is a long one it won't be completed until this afternoon.
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breaking overnight, protests erupt into violence in milwaukee after the shooting death of a black man by police. at least one person was shot last night during demonstrations . stemming from saturday's shooting. erika: dozens of officers in riot gear moved in on some 150 protesters late last night at the site where a 23-year-old man was shot and killed. police say protesters threw bottles and rocks. shots were fired at three person was hit by a bullet. one officer was taken to the hospital after being struck by an object. it all comes after violent protests saturday night. the sheriff says it's amazing nobody was killed. >> the loss of life of innocent civilians and law enforcement personnel did not happen by the grace of god. bullets were flying all over the place.
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situation for all the law-abiding people in that area. erika: officers say they opened fire on sylville smith saturday after he allegedly turned toward them with a stolen gun in hand. the police chief says body camera video shows officers acted lawfully. that video has not been released. emily: right now plans are in place to say goodbye to a woman whose murder is still a mystery. today the family of vanessa marcotte will hold a wake just over a week since she was murdered while jogging. took part in a run in marcotte's memory. the goal not only to remember marcotte but to help local runners get over their fear and take back what, for many, was just a part of their routine before last week. >> it has completely change my life. i'm the first person up at my house and i'm scared to get out of bed. >> i'd never question the running route i did in town before until this happen. now i'm pretty particular about where i go.
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more than 600 tips on the crime. five investigates has learned they are testing dna from a possible person of interest. randy: other stories we're following right now: new york's jfk airport is back to normal this morning after reports of gunfire prompted evacuations at two terminals last night. but port authority police say they have not found any firearms or any other evidence of gunfire at the airport. emily: this fire on plum island on the north shore is under investigation. on 59th street around 7:30 last night. and quickly spread. firefighters from all over the merrimack valley responded. no one was hurt. randy: two firefighters are recovering after this fire in boston. it started at a home on alabama street in mattapan last night . the heat made fighting the fire even worse. the two firefighters were treated and released for minor injuries. firefighter believe the fire were started by a powerful lightbulb that was too close to
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the home suffered about $150,000 worth of damage. emily: commitment 2016, democrat hillary clinton gets a boost on the campaign trail today. vice president joe biden will join her in his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. biden is expected to go after donald trump during his remarks today, calling him the most uninformed presidential nominee in history. and saying trump is clueless to the needs of working families. meantime, trump will be in ohio to outline his plans to take on isis. he sent out a twitter attack putting quote false meaning into his words. trump's running mate, mike pence, will hold an event in manchester, new hampshire on thursday. randy: two key wins in the olympics in real. emily: a call for help answered in auburn. the reunion between two strangers now bound for life. erika? erika: staying on top of
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the shooting death of an armed black man by police. at least one person was shot overnight as officers in riot gear tried to disperse the crowd. the protests began saturday after the shooting death of sylville smith. the officer was wearing a body camera at the time that has not yet been released. we'll keep you posted. randy? randy: thousands rescued in louisiana amid major flooding. and the warning today. cindy? cindy: another hot and humid day here. my timeline on the return of thunderstorms.
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randy: hundreds gather on the
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our erika tarantal joined cancer survivors and supporters for purple stride yesterday a walk through the common put on by the pancreatic cancer action network. the cancer is notoriously difficult to diagnose, making it one of the deadliest. so far, purple stride has raised over $270,000 for cancer research. good for everybody. it's a reunion months in the making after a call for help was answered. emily: and he got one after a woman saw his story here on channel 5. we first met peter lyford one year ago, suffering with stage five renal failure. with his health declining, his wife jennifer posted a message on her car. a plea that touched kelly hoye. so she picked up the phone a move that would ultimately save a life. >> right now, i think it is hitting me because it is overwhelming. for the longest time, i just did
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underwent a successful surgery in may and now have a new friendship. a new shark warning on cape cod. randy: the scare that shut down a popular beach. and four u.s. olympians robbed in rio. what swimmer ryan lochte has to
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randy: right now, at least four people are dead as intense flooding prompts 20,000 rescues in louisiana. more than 10,000 people spent the night in shelters. the federal government has declared a major disaster in the
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cindy: this is the going on for several days. some spots had 19, 20 more inches of rain. we've had over 19 inches of rain since the beginning of january, the perspective there. around here, if you listed see some rain. really, it was all about the heat this weekend. for the year we are up to 16 days at or above 90 degrees. the record is 30 back in 1983. you can see that we've had the sense 2013. it has been a hot summer as you know. the skies are clear, the notice
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been up over 70. so it is not as humid out there this morning. 70 in worcester, looking for 60 just a couple out there back to springfield. otherwise, lower 70's here in nashua where we will jump quickly. brighter skies into the afternoon. temperatures go well up into the 80's. we are in the upper 78 on the cape this morning. around now, not expected today as the trigger point is to our south. the other side of this boundary it is less humid. there is another wave of moisture back toward st. louis. this is working in our direction for tomorrow. here is some predictions from new england with a marginal risk of some thunderstorms going to severe levels.
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we're seeing a little bit of increase from the high oppressive humidity. that moisture starts to head northward. you will see all the humidity come up. not quite as a oppressive today. they're right back up again tuesday into wednesday before they fall back later in the week. on friday, it'll feel more comfortable. about 87 in boston with mostly sunny skies. throughout the day, it is quiet this evening. if you have plans no need to worry about any showers of thunderstorms. after that, the cloud start to fill in. overnight low temperatures tonight running either side of 70 degrees. into the day tomorrow and watch that frontal boundary lift into our direction. the morning hours feature some
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thunderstorms will be some downpours but again the threats of the storms are severe. they are scattered about the area may not wind down until the morning hours of wednesday. the best chance for some wet weather coming in the form of those showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon into wednesday morning. by friday, and little bit less humid. there is help. -- hope. we are watching problem spot the road right now. these are some pictures coming in from the scene. it is closed by route 1 with an accident about 305 this morning. as you can see some -- it is still a very active scene. there is a least one person with serious injuries that we know of at this point. they are detouring traffic. if you're heading southbound on
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there. in the meantime, anticipate some delays. the on to that, just normal. no issue south of town, in a construction zone 128 southbound. the pike is picking up in just a few minutes. trains and buses are moving on schedule. emily: a shark scare shuts down a local beach for hours. everyone was forced out of the water at lighthouse beach in chatham yesterday, after reports of a seal that looked like it a beach goer and a fisherman say they saw the seal. about 750 people were cleared off the beach. many say they were not bothered. >> when i was younger i was afraid i'm not afraid anymore. i think it will watch for it and let us know. emily: the chatham parks director tells us nobody actually saw a shark. the beach reopened about 2 hours later. randy: american olympic swimmer ryan lochte is addressing a
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he and three other u.s. swimmers were robbed in rio. lochte confirmed the incident yesterday tweeting last night what is most important is that we are safe and unharmed. olympic officials initially denied the sunday morning robbery. the 32-year-old medalist and three others were on their way back to the olympic village, when they were stopped by armed men, posing as police. none of the swimmers were hurt. teammate michael phelps says the crime is surprising. multiple times and i felt sick every time i've come here. i've never felt an issue. randy: two australian coaches were robbed on ipanema beach in recent weeks. a portuguese official was also held at knifepoint. emily: today all eyes are on u.s. gymnast simone biles. that's as she tries to make her gold medal journey four for four. after her all around win, biles added a gold on the vault to her hardware on sunday. she is now the first u.s. woman
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single games in gymnastics. biles competes again today on the balance beam. and usain bolt proving why he's the one to watch on the track. he sprinted his way into history again with a golden performance in the 100 meter. bolt is now the first person to win three straight titles in that event. randy: your economy headlines this monday, asian stocks were mostly higher overnight despite caution about a number of economic reports due out in the u.s. this week. this week investors will be watching for data on housing, inflation and manufacturing. affordable housing advocates are sounding the alarm as rents continue skyrocket in boston. many say middle class families are being forced out of the city. just in the last six years, the price for a single family rental home has gone from $1500 a month to more than $2500. governor baker says his administration is working on a plan to invest millions in affordable housing not just in
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controversy in boston connected to the popular pokemon go game. police say a northeastern student is posting signs related to the game around the city without permission. one reads quote, all firefighters are napping. in case of fire, catch the neared water pokemon. the herald reports the student trevor jones says he will take them down if they're offending people. randy: superstar adele turns a super bowl offer down. the singer told fans in los ans halftime slot but said no. adele says the super bowl halftime show isn't really about music and that she's no beyonce when it comes to dancing. but she said she was flattered that the offer was extended. emily: what a throw. an amazing play in the marlins big win over the white sox. how about the arm on christian
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runner is outta there. -- out at home. what about our team, the sox hit the road this week after a stunning sweep at home. randy: the key hits for the sox as they bury the diamondbacks. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00, classes are about to start and that means bills. three hacks that could help
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randy: we're following breaking news. emily: violent protests in milwaukee after police fatally shoot an armed black man. one person was shot last night as dozens of officers moved in on some 150 protesters. demonstrators threw bottles and
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sylville smith was killed by a police officer saturday. police say smith was armed with a gun that had been stolen. body camera video has not yet been released. randy: a major project is underway right now on the south shore. a new lift span for the fore river bridge is being moved ahead of its installation today. the bridge connects quincy to weymouth. drivers have been using a temporary one for years. the $244 million project started in 2012 and comple h delayed until 2018. emily: a former uber driver charged with raping a 16-year-old passenger will be back in court today. a judge will decide whether darnell booth is a danger to the public. the 36-year-old is being held without bail after pleading not guilty last week. booth allegedly started communicating with the victim on snapchat after driving her on june 30th. she says booth offered her a ride to school, and then assaulted her in an everett parking lot.
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police say joshua mousette crashed into police cruisers early yesterday after leading officers on a chase through bridgewater, abington and brockton. mousette was hurt in the crash, but not seriously. he was wanted before the chase and now faces new charges. emily: the coast guard is investigating after a rescue off castle island. a boat sank early sunday morning in dorchester bay. six people were left clinging to the boat. one of those passengers was able to call for help, and the coast guard pulled them out. nobody was hurt. randy: tornado tears through the philippines. this timelapse video shows the twister as it moves through the capital of manila. at least one person was hurt and more than 100 homes were damaged. heavy rain is expected to continue in the country for days. emily: the red sox sweep arizona thanks to mookie betts. right off the top, betts with a 2 run homer all the way out of the park. but he wasn't satisfied with just that. up again in the second, he puts a 3 run homer over the monster.
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sox crushed the diamondbacks 16 to 2. they're on the road for the next 11 games. he said just one more. cindy: the players coming in from arizona would like what is all this humidity? home field advantage there. it was 96 yesterday ist where been so hotly leap today's our best chance of seeing temperatures at or above 90 degrees. close to 90 today and the rest of the week there holding a mostly 80's. still above average for this time of the year. our average high is just 80
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i'll best chance of rain comes tomorrow afternoon and wednesday morning. that is what we will see some showers and thunderstorms coming in with the potential for some of those to be strong if not severe. it is all coming from area of moisture right now lining up back towards st. louis and cincinnati. this is coming in along the frontal boundary stretching to our south and west. humidity today. it warm day with temperatures in the upper 80's to near 90 degrees. there will be some thunderstorms there today. our chances for storms comes tomorrow as that warm front approaches towards the morning and afternoon hours. his whole system is going by slowly so by wednesday morning there is still something in our
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greatest chance of storms coming in tomorrow afternoon. we dry things out on wednesday. the bright on the forecast for today right now. emily: a new bridge on the move overnight. the big step in a project that will affect south shore commuters. randy: breaking overnight, more unrest after police kill a man in milwaukee. the new violence as officers defend their actions. emily: beach in chatham. the unsettling sight suggesting a shark was in the water. it's on the eye for this monday morning. >> this is newscenter 5, eye-opener. emily: looking live at a piece of the new fore river bridge. the project is a huge undertaking that'll have a big impact on traffic in the future. the eye's doug meehan will have more in a minute. good morning, i'm emily riemer.


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